There's good food and there's excellent cuisine. There are interesting interiors and there are extraordinary ones. There are greeneries and there are gardens that are simply gorgeous. What's the difference? 

For nearly two decades since it started, Celebrity Recipes Plus Home & Gardens has defined what's exquisite and exceptional in the culinary arts, and now, in living space design. The result is the country's most comprehensive and engrossing monthly magazine for people with discriminating tastes. 

A host of culinary artists literally bring their expertise to the table for the pleasure and delectation of readers. These kitchen gods and goddesses include luminaries such us Cora P. Aenlle, Sylvia Reynoso-Gala and her two equally talented children, Morella and Ernest, Gene Gonzalez, Helene Z. Pontejos, Rory Subida and VicVic Villavicencio. 

To help readers put the zing back into their homes, the magazine also provides home improvement tips, decorating ideas, features on celebrity abodes and the latest of the most delightful home accessories. 

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