Breakfast... Wake Up to a Healthy Start
by: Celebrity Recipes

Waking up is hard to do and it is especially difficult for people who'd probably like to avoid that time of day and everything that comes with it --- even breakfast.

But as sure as the sun's gonna shine, breakfast will always be an important meal of the day --- one that should be consumed by people of any age.

Although all three traditional meals play a significant role in supplying the daily recommended levels of essential nutrients, nutritionist often cite breakfast as the day's most important meal and the foundation of healthy eating habits.

Despite these recommendations, millions of people throughout the world routinely skip breakfast. According to a 1987 report, one out of four women between the age of 25 and 34 regularly skip breakfast. Other studies show that eating habits developed during childhood have a potential to last a lifetime. Thus, children who tend to omit breakfast most likely will continue this dietary habit well into adulthood.

But a review of breakfast-related research over the last 30 years may make even the tried-and-true breakfast skipper into a breakfast convert.

Studies have shown that eating breakfast is associated with improved strength and endurance in the late morning, along with a better attitude toward school or work.

Breakfast help to replenish blood glucose levels, which is important since the brain itself has no reserves of glucose, its main energy source, and constantly must be replenished.

Studies shows that sustained mental work requires large turnover of brain glucose and its metabolic components.

Researchers at the University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School agree. They examined whether eating breakfast has any advantageous effects on late morning mood, satiety or cognitive performance.

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