Makeover Your Kitchen
by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine

Transform your kitchen from blah to beautiful

Are you bored with your old kitchen? Are you taking too many steps when cooking meals? Does your family constantly bump into one another in the kitchen? Perhaps its time to give the area a makeover!

Make a plan. Think of your present kitchen and how you want your new kitchen to be like. Cut out from magazines and pictures of your dream kitchen: what do you like about it? Which aspects can you realistically apply in your own home? What appliances are you thinking of installing there? Write down every important detail then create a budget plan before overhauling your kitchen.

Decide on the layout. Imagine the daily workflow in your kitchen then design the space in a way that allows you to do your work most efficiently. Depending on the size of your kitchen and your needs, there are different plans that you can consider. For example, a small U-shaped counter where all areas are within convenient reach; having an island or preparation table that will link all areas in the kitchen; or parallel counters where you can get hold of things easily (but can get overcrowded every time you use the kitchen for socializing). If space allows, you can create a foldable countertop where you can plan your menu or have a quick meal. You can also create a mini-desk for your child so he/she can help you with simple kitchen tasks.

Some designing basics. Make sure that the lighting spreads evenly across the room. For the floor, depending on your budget, there are a variety of choices in terms of materials: vinyl tiles, wood or ceramic tiles. The colors of the walls floors and cabinets should be in harmony.

Storage techniques. Make a checklist of things you need to store so you can plan the storage spacesinclude everything from canned drinks to linens to brooms. You can save on construction costs if you make open shelves instead of cabinets. Organize items such that related things are kept near or beside each other.

It helps to have these stored in your kitchen so you wont have to rummage through piles of dishes every time you need to find a container for storing leftovers or for transporting potluck food. Glad ovenware is an all in one pan that helps you prepare, bake, serve, store and reheat your favorite entrees. Plus, you can reuse it after cleaning. Stackable, extra-sturdy Glad ware comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, and makes a suitable storage container for opened chips and biscuits because the lids are tight-sealing and locks in freshness.

Eat healthy. Having a model kitchen not just about having a functional and stylish space. Its also about inspiring the entire household to pursue a healthy lifestyle. To encourage your family members to eat right, purchase wholesome healthful foods. Make fruit and vegetables a staple in your fridge and store them in Glad zipper storage bags to prolong their storage life (or to maintain freshness) Buy leaner cuts of meat and place them in Glad zipper freezer bags. These bags are sturdy and they protect food from bacteria and contamination.

From keeping food fresh longer in the fridge to assisting kitchen makeovers, Glad helps homemakers solve household troubles trough convenient kitchen management.

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