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Spotless Kitchen
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by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine

As homemakers, mom spend enormous amounts of time in the kitchen. Both pleasurable tasks such as baking and unpleasant duties such as cleaning, consume time, energy, and valuable resources for any woman. Appropriate solutions and clean up tips can help minimize the time used for chores and maximize the time spent in more enjoyable pursuits. Here are some timely hints:


Get Organized

  • Store dishes and utensils in drawers and cupboards closest to the appliance with which they are most frequently used. Everyday tableware should be kept over the dishwasher, or in the cabinets next to the sink.

  • Pots, pans and skillets arranged in cupboards under or near the stove, or hung on hooks above the range, provide for speedy access both in tidying up and in cooking.

  • Organize pantry space so that similar items are placed together --canned soup in one spot, broths in another etc.

  • Separate pantry articles by use. Place baking things on one shelf, prepared foods on another shelf, etc.


Space Invaders

  • One threat to kitchen tidiness is clutter. Clutter not only hinders general kitchen organization, it hampers quick clean-up of surfaces. Two areas notorious for collecting junk of all sorts are the tops of microwave and the refrigerator.

  • Things that end up on top of the refrigerator are items no one uses often--remove these to the garage or a closet, carefully marking the storage container so the contents are known.

  • Resolve to keep this area jumble free; one effective strategy--stand a decorative item, large enough to prevent articles from being tossed there, in the center on top of the refrigerator.

  • A microwave oven cooks less efficiently when the top is strewn with miscellany, restricting airflow. Usually only small items migrate to the microwave top. Prevent these from piling up by placing a small ornamental bowl or dish on top as a catch-all.


Clear Countertops

  • Minimize the number of objects situated on countertops produces several benefits: more available countertops workplace; less accumulated mess to sort through; easier wipe down of surfaces.

  • Mount item under cabinets rather than setting them on the counters.

  • Hanging racks for pots, pans and utensils and hanging baskets for herbs, fruits and vegetables might serve to free up much needed space.



  • Certain cleaning tools and solution are indispensable in the kitchen. To keep these nearby, yet out of sight and the reach of small children, hang a few small hook on the inside of the cabinet under the sink.

  • Clorox wipes - these are handy for swift counter and surface cleaning.

  • Lysol Wipes - these work well for speedy cleaning and disinfecting.


Cleaning Suggestions

  • Flush one-half cup white vinegar followed by one-half cup baking soda to clean and rid garbage disposal of odors.

  • Run orange or citrus peel with boiling water to add fresh scent to the house.

  • Soak hard water stains and stains on grout in diet soda then scrub for easy removal.

  • To eliminate kitchen odors, keep trash outside or in garage.

  • Prior to scrubbing the floor, use a clean dust mop to sweep. Dust mop should be vacuumed after two or three uses.

  • A bowl of vinegar in the oven or microwave will remove odors.

  • Charcoal briquettes or a box of baking soda will eliminate odors in the refrigerator and freezer. Briquettes may be reused after boiling for two minutes and allowing to dry.

  • Using time saving techniques, as well as optimal use of the kitchen space, serves to reduce time spent in the drudgery of kitchen chores. Less time cleaning is more time enjoying, be it in the kitchen, the garden, or the sewing room, so put these tips to work and go have fun!

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September 23, 2017

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