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Coffee and Health
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by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine

Believe it or not, coffee is a healthful drink.

It has been known that coffee as one of the most popular beverages in the world. However despite its reputation as an excellent drink, coffee has nonetheless achieved a bum rap when it comes to its healthful (or lack thereof, supposedly) merits. Indeed, some claim that it contributes to increase in blood pressures and ulcer. What's the truth to these claims? Here's what Celebrity Recipes Plus Home & Gardens found out.

Blood pressure and ulcer.
Due its stimulating effect, coffee does increase blood pressure. However, recent studies seem to indicate that consuming coffee by itself does not alone contribute to a significant rise in BP. Additional factor like stress, even the use of cream or milk in coffee, sugar and obesity contribute to a harmful increase in blood pressure. The same seems to go with regards to coffee and ulcer as well.

Remember the brouhaha that Sharon Stone figured in regarding colon cancer and coffee? Well, it seems that her "basic instinct" wasn't exactly on the right when it came to the correlation between coffee and the risk of cancer. According to a study by the University of California Davis, coffee, though it contains a thousand chemicals, actually has a lot of antioxidants as well. Antioxidants are substances that help support the immune system and help fight the spread of cancer!

In fact, consuming coffee up until 20 minutes after brewing, is enough to deliver 300 phytochemicals that are antioxidants. Moreover these substances will stay in the body for a minimum of one month. Also, it's said that a cup of coffee contains as much antioxidants as three glasses of orange juice!

Sure, coffee may stain teeth (although not as much as tea) but it actually saves them from cavities as well. It seems that it has properties that fight plaque build-up that leads to cavities.

Other healthful attributes.
What other healthful attributes are there in coffee? It seems that the list is endless. Coffee doesn't only increase alertness and mental activity, but new evidence suggests that it may actually decrease depression. It has even been prescribed as a cure for ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder for children.

Athletes have also discovered that coffee increase endurance, and dieters rejoice! It seems to contribute to fat loss and is also helpful in maintaining a low-calorie diet as it acts as a somewhat controversial appetite suppressant as well.

Anyway, as in all things, moderation is the key even when drinking this surprisingly healthy brew. Indeed be forewarned drinking more than 2 cups of coffee a day may upset the stomach and cause nervousness. However, if you can control yourself, then go ahead, drink your coffee.


We all know that tea is considered more healthful by some people, here are some more health-related uses for tea.

  • It can be sued as a foot relaxer and/ or refresher. Just soak feet in a pail or basin full of tea and relax.
  • It soothes insect insect bites. Keep a bag or two of tea (any kind) in a first aid kit for easy relief from bothersome bugs.
  • Uses as a compress, it can soothe swelling. Tea bags can also be placed on the eyes to diminish eye bags.
  • Sunburn can be soothed with a tea-soaked compress.
  • Dried and then, lit, tea leaves can repel mosquitoes - and of coarse, we know what disease some mosquitoes carry.


Don't be surprised if when you buy ice cream from the supermarket you will be making a decision on whether to buy vegetarian ice cream or not. Yes, the health-craze has even reached the ice cream producers with the proliferation of such flavors (at least in the United States) consisting of herbs, teas, and edible flowers - to name a few. A New York outlet even sells Lavender Rice, Green Grape and Black Plums, that sure to be are chockfull of oxidants.

However, if there are healthful ice creams, there are also such "tempting" ice creams that may be health-compromising. These include such flavors as ale, tequila, vodka and cocktail blends that would no doubt bring a nice alcohol-buzz to any ice cream aficionado.

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August 17, 2017

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