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Getting Rid of Cancer Through Diet and Lifestyle Change
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by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine

Mention the word cancer and chances are, dire thoughts of affliction and even death immediately come to mind. Indeed, such "fearful" musing are par for the course, cancer has gained the reputation of being a very "fatal" condition. This shouldn't be the case.

Certainly, there are many ways of lessening the possibility of cancer. One of these is through changes in diet and lifestyle. Here are a few reminders to keep in mind and to follow.

Eat fruits and vegetables. This tip could never be emphasized enough. Although it is drilled into our heads that eating fruits and vegetables is good; very few actually have a hankering for them, especially when a hamburger is readily available. Anyway, eating vitamin and mineral-rich fruits and veggies is surely just the thing for reducing the risk of cancer. Indeed, some cancers seem to be prevented by a regular diet of raw fruits and veggies. These include pancreatic cancer, colon cancer; and, oral and pharyngeal cancer.

Among the favored veggies include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli. Beans and tomatoes are also good. The former for reducing the risk of cancer and the latter because it contains lycopene, which is especially important for protection against pancreatic and prostatic cancer.

Take Vitamin A and C. Some vitamins reduce the risk of cancer. Vitamin A for instance is said to reduce the risk of lung cancer; while Vitamin C has had a long history of strengthening the body's immune system against disease.

Among the foodstuffs rich in Vitamin A include sweet potatoes, green peas, carrots and mangoes. On the other hand, citrus fruits like oranges and cantaloupes (a favored fruit this summer!) have high Vitamin C levels.

A word of caution regarding the amount of Vitamin C needed by the body. The body actually needs only a small amount of vitamin C (from 175 to 200 gms.). As such, it may be best to get one's daily dose of this vitamin through natural means.

Fiber, fiber, fiber. It has been noted that the number of colon cancer sufferers can usually be found in countries highly dependent on refined diets (i.e. highly-processed foods without much fiber). Indeed, fiber has several benefits such as shortening the transit of food in the intestines, the absorption of dietary cholesterol, and reduces sugar absorption among diabetics. It is definitely ideal to include fiber-rich foods in our daily diet.

Aside from colon cancer, breast cancer seems to be another cancer that fiber seems to reduce the risk of.

Weight and fat. Lastly, it is best to couple the above tips with a reasonable exercise routine that would guarantee the maintenance of one's ideal weight. Also, one's intake of fat should be lessened, ideally by 20 percent of total calorie-intake.

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September 23, 2017

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