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Gardening Trends for 2008
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by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine

Make your garden bloom with new ideas&

Gardening is hardly a static art. Leaves and branches grow for instance and in time, a garden will most likely change shape and look. At such an instance, gardeners have the option of maintaining a garden and introducing new elements and ideas that will make a garden figuratively grow into something much, much better. The following trends may be introduced to a garden with the view not so much as changing a gardens look drastically, but that of gradually inducing a garden to bloom anew in an even better fashion. Here are some gardening trends to consider for 2008.

Go native. Yes, the newest euphorbia variety may look good, but wouldnt you consider instead a native Mussaenda (the Dña group of plants) instead? Choosing native greenery (and blooms) is a much better choice) for some gardens as these plants are already acclimatized to local conditions as opposed to foreign imports.

Moreover, you may be giving local plant life a new lease on life as the gene pool of local plants may be saved through your own small effort. If interested in local and native plant life, a trip to UP Los Baños might be good as they have nurseries that actually have examples of local plant specimens.

On your own, you might to be more observant of the local plants growing in your own yard. Though some may be categorized as weeds, some local plant species actually thrive when cared for. An example would be the pandakaki, a small shrub with white flowers. Though now viewed as a wee, the plant was even mentioned by Dr. Jose Rizal in a chapter of his novel Noli Me Tangere in a positively romantic manner.

Place emphasis on foliage. Tired of flowers? Choose plants with peculiar foliage instead. Mother Natures profundity is such that she has come up with numerous designs for leaves that likewise take into account their tactile and visual attractiveness. Of course, color is one of the primary reasons that attract us to foliage.

However, there are other characteristics that we might choose to consider. These include leaf types (variegated or not), delicacy, laciness and bold shapes. Local plants that have surprising designs on their leaves include the La Suerte and all its varieties, the local gabi-gabihana taro-like plant, and the San Francisco, which comes in a variety of shapes, color and sizes.

Go organic. Enough with imported chemical-laden plant food and insecticides! Go organic instead by using environment-safe products instead. Better yet, make your own concoction from eco-friendly materials and ingredients. Looking for an insecticide? Try making one with concoction made up of onions, chili peppers, corn peppers and water. Looking for a fertilizer alternative? Try composting instead. The latter will not only make your garden thrive but actually addresses garbage/rubbish disposal as well.

Dont worry that you dont have the knowledge on how to make compost and eco-friendly insecticides. The internet is full of ideas on how to make them. Moreover, local environment groups will no doubt provide you with needed information if you ask them.
Think food and containers. Having little land is not a problem if you want to have a garden. Plants will thrive even if you place them in cans, plastic tubs and other materials that will lend themselves as possible plant containers. At present, even urban dwellers are being encouraged to have container gardens that are devoted to raising vegetables. Yes, planting vegetables is possible and the rewards to say the least are succulent and vitamin-rich vegetables for your table.

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September 23, 2017

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