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The Rules of Arrangement
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by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine

Make comfort and convenience work for you in the living room!

The furniture in both small and large rooms have one thing in common in terms of interior design  they should be arrange with comfort and convenience in mind. Here are some basic rules to consider when arranging furnishings in your living room  be it cramped or not!

  • Arrange seats to allow a free-flow of conversation. Make sure that seats  sofas included-are no more than six to eight feet apart. In this sense, try to avoid as much as possible straight-line arrangements that will take up too much space and which will not let those seated to have eye contact.

  • Consider furnitures use. A coffee table for instance should be placed in the middle of a seat grouping. As such, do not use it as an end table. Also, be sure that some furnishings are within arms reach (like tables and lamps)  theyre much more useful that way.

  • Table placement is an art, or at least, has some science behind it. Indeed, coffee tables for instance should be given about 14 to 18 inches of space between it and the nearest chair. The height of tables should also be well considered especially if a lamp is placed on it or beside it. In this sense, the table should be the same height as the chair (and cushion) placed nearest the table. With regards to other tables, they should be the same height as the arm rest of any adjacent chairs.

  • Consider traffic lanes when arranging furniture. Traffic lanes are the spaces allotted for people traffic. How spacious should they be? They should at least be 30 inches wide.

  • Corners making your room arrangement difficult? Well, dont let it be more difficult by placing a piece of furniture crosswise in a corner. This is because it will only make an awkward corner even more awkward. Just let it be. Otherwise, consider modular chairs and sofas to use it or, if you have enough resources, have a piece of furniture especially made for it-a three-legged chair comes to mind.

  • When in doubt, leave it out. All in all, keep in mind that an overly-furnished room will look cramped while a sparsely-furnished one will look spacious and neat. As such, when in doubt as to how your living room will look like with various furnishings, just leave it out for the meantime.

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September 23, 2017

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