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The Different Kinds of Edible Flowers
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Edible flowers are flowers that are used as a garnish or as an integral part of a dish, such as a salad. But not all flowers are edible. The following is a list of edible flowers and their history, flavor and uses.

bachelor.jpg (5137 bytes) BACHELOR BUTTONS
History: European in origin; blue most popular in North America.
Appearance: Blue, pink, white, purple, or red flowers. 1/2 dollar in size with long, thin stems.
Flavor: Varies from sweet to spicy, with clove flavor.
borage.jpg (4374 bytes) BORAGE
History: Native to Europe, Asia Minor and Africa.
Appearance: Sky-blue to lavender colored, clustered flowers with prickly stems.
Flavor: Cucumber flavored.
Uses: Add to salads, salad dressings, fruit, punch, cold pasta dishes, fruit compote, frozen in ice cubes; combine with orange nasturtiums for a contrasting color effect.
calendula.jpg (5460 bytes) CALENDULA
Native to Mediterranean regions, 17th Century Europeans enjoyed the health benefits of calendulas, thought to aid stomach pain and provide extra resistance for the body during winter .
Appearance: An annual related to sunflower, 1 to 2 feet high and hairy, with oblong, entire, thick leaves. The flowers are large heads with yellow or orange rays.
Flavor: Spicy, tangy, peppery.
Uses: Flavor stews and soups with dried flower heads.
chive.jpg (4043 bytes) CHIVE FLOWERS
Lavender flowers.
Flavor: Onion flavor.
Uses: Soups, omelet's.
dianthus.jpg (4442 bytes) DIANTHUS
History: Native to S. Europe. Greeks, Romans dubbed Dianthus "the flower of the gods"
Appearance: Pink, red, white; nickel-sized.
Flavor: Clove-like flavor.
Uses: In salads, soups, jellies.
marigold.gif (4149 bytes) MARIGOLDS
Central and South American .
Appearance: Yellow, orange, nickel- to quarter-sized
Flavor: Spicy to piquant, bitter.
Uses: Fresh petals are chopped and added to salads. The dried petals have a more concentrated flavor and are used as a seasoning in soups, cakes etc.
mums.jpg (4041 bytes) MUMS
Long grown in East Asia; the chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan and the floral emblem of the Japanese imperial family.
Appearance: White flowers are nickel-sized, yellow flowers are large and spherical.
Flavor: Slightly piquant to very bitter.
Uses: Flower heads can be pickled in vinegar. Leaves can be cooked young or, mature, make aromatic tea.
nasturtiums.jpg (4235 bytes) NASTURTIUMS
History: Native to  South America.
Appearance: Commonly yellow, orange and red with round leaves.
Flavor: Spicy, peppery flavor.
Uses: Flowers, leaves and stems are used in salads, salad oils, pasta, sandwiches and garnishes. Compliment with Borage and Calendula petals.
pansies.jpg (4501 bytes) PANSIES
History: Cross-bred in 19th century.
Appearance: Blue, yellow, purple, red, white and multi-colored with five overlapping petals on individual stems.
Flavor: Varies from sweet to tart.
Uses: Garnish on main dishes or float in cold beverages.
stocks.jpg (4364 bytes) STOCKS
Native to Europe and Asia.
Appearance: Pink, purple and white flowers with are clustered, each with four petals, sepals and stamens, as well as one pistil.
Flavor: From spicy to sweet.
thyme flowers.jpg (5021 bytes) THYME FLOWERS
Appearance: Small, white and purple.
Flavor: Lemon flavor.

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