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May-time Kitchen Tips

by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine
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It’s May and vacation time for the kiddies is at its height! No doubt, because the little one are around most of the time (that is if you haven’t sent them to the provinces yet), the kitchen would have resembles a battleground by this time as the numerous meal preparation would surely have wreaked havoc on it. Anyway, just before the kitchen says “uncle”, here are some handy summertime tips that you could employ to make the kitchen more efficient this very humid season.

Organize, organize, organize.
Anticipate the use of the kitchen before things get out of hand. For instance, why not invest in newfangled gadgets that could make food preparations easier. An example of this would be a brand new food processor that could cut, blend and whip up food ingredients in a jiffy.

Also, it would be more efficient if you place kitchen utensils in their designated cabinets. This would save time if your looking for a particular equipment or utensils. However, there’s a method to this madness as well. Try to place the most used equipment in the most readily used cabinets for easy reach. With regards to dinnerware though, store them near the dishwasher or the kitchen sink for easy safekeeping. Regarding implements used in cooking, keep them near the stove. These include turners, spatulas, tongs, wooden spoons etc. The same goes for condiments and spices. Since they’re used in flavoring dishes while cooking, it wouldn’t hurt it they’re stored in a spice rack near the stove or the cupboard directly overhead—that is, if the spices can tolerate the heat that comes from the stove.

Keep paper towels, rags and sponges handy.
Expect spills and more spills to occur in a very busy kitchen. As such, keep rags, sponges and paper towels handy to clean up the mess easily. These items can be very useful as well for non-clean-up related activities. For instance, placing a damp rag underneath a slippery cutting board or a bowl would keep the items from slipping when being used.

Think fire-safety.
Fires are always a hazardous occurrence in kitchens and is especially a concern this summertime. To avoid such an unfortunate event, always see to it that you mare present in the kitchen whenever cooking is being done. Stoves and oven to be specific, are of utmost concern as oil fires (when cooking) and grease are the usual suspects when it comes to kitchen fires. As such try to keep ovens clean as much as possible. Also, try to keep curtains, cloth pot holders and towels away from the stove as well.

But what to do when a fire breaks out? Well, don’t panic and try not to use water in putting out a kitchen fire. The reason for this is kitchen fires are usually caused by grease which cannot be put out with old, reliable H2O. The best bet is to use a non-water based fire extinguishers (which should be handy in most kitchens) or baking soda. Putting a lid on a fiery pan (if that is the case) is also a surefire way of putting out a kitchen fire as the lid deprives the fire of oxygen.

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September 24, 2017

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