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Customize your Kitchen for the Rainy Days!

by: Celebrity Recipes Magazine
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Here comes the rainy season again and as expected, most of us will find our way to the kitchen because of the warmth and the good feelings that, let’s face it, most kitchens engender. However, kitchens are also subject to wear and tear, and even special conditions come this season. Certainly, the bottom line is that we must do something to this space, as it requires special needs. Here are a few ideas that could probably make our lives easier during the wet season.

Clean, clean and clean.
The rainy season means water and dampness entering the kitchen. Since the kitchen is usually warmer than the other parts of the house, the dampness and the temperature will no doubt be ideal for the proliferation, if not the growth of bacteria.

As such, ensure that there is a supply of rags to wipe the kitchen counters and the floor with. A pair of mops-used solely for wiping the floor-will be very useful and handy, especially when kitchen traffic during rainy days is at a maximum. Also, keep sponges ready as they’re practical in keeping spills from spreading.

Try to stock up on antiseptic solutions as well. A squirt or two of these on the floor and counters, will readily keep bacterial growth at bay. Thus ensuring your family’s health.

Think safety.
Floors and water don’t mix. This is evident in the number of falls people make slipping and sliding on wet floors. Since placing newspapers and flattened cartons are not practical (they contribute to trash and must be replaced after some time), consider the slip-proof mats that are readily brought in most hardware and do-it-yourself stores. These mats are made of plastic and/or rubber and are virtually indestructible and maintenance friendly. More-over, they come in a variety of colors and designs that may even contribute to the overall look of your kitchen.

Make it cozy.
There’s nothing like a warm, cozy kitchen during damp, dark and rainy days. As such, why not make the most of it by making your kitchen cozy? If you’re your kitchen is sizable enough, try re-arranging your furnishing and create a cozy nook where you can relax, keep warm and dry; while indulging in your favorite hobby or pastime. A sofa, a footstool, a small table and a box for your keepsakes are all one needs in creating this nook.

Create a workspace.
Since the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the house, it’s but practical that you do most of your work-even those which are not in the kitchen-related-in it. In fact, a small workspace or workstation in one corner of the kitchen is perfect, especially during rainy days. Why? Well this would enable you to keep traffic in the house at a minimum, thus minimizing the possibility of spreading dampness throughout the house.

A small table with drawers where you can keep stationery, pens, tools and other items and equipment is all that is needed in creating a comfy workspace.

Let the sunshine in.
The rainy season is already known for overcast skies and dark rainy days that contribute to a feeling of depression to most of us. Eliminate this feeling by letting light inside the kitchen. How? By using curtains that enable light to pass through in lieu of dark, heavy ones. Installing full-spectrum light bulbs or additional bulbs of low-wattage are also some of the things one can do in creating a cheerful space.

All in all, the rainy season is a trying time for most of us who have to work in the kitchen for lengths of time. Why make our lives more difficult? Let’s customize and even personalize our kitchen now!

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September 24, 2017

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