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The Little Black Dress Diet

by: Woman Magazine
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The secret is to think of getting healthy and eventually fit into that little black dress

Getting a ready meal. The beauty of getting a ready meal from the supermarket is that you can read the labels and make an informed choice. Your best bet is to go for a meal with less than 400 calories per serving but compare different meals to get the best deal for calories, fat and sodium - the lower the better. Portion sizes can also be big but that's what freezers are for. Indeed, you can store anything that is more than a portion in the freezer or fridge for the next night.

The collection boasts of practical cold storage containers that help prevent early food spoilage and protect against cross-contamination that can lead to food-borne illnesses. Now that's really healthy, not to mention that they keep your fridge neat, organized and odor-free, too!

Observing the rules on portions and sizes. A fruit portion would be a medium-sized piece of fruit such as mango, two small fruits such as dalandan, a big slice of melon, a teacup full of rambutan, duhat or lanzones. When dieting, avoid all canned fruits.
Otherwise, the sugar will defeat your supreme sacrifice of eating small portions. Veggies and salads are filling, have next to no calories and are good for you - eat lots of them!

It's time to have tea and coffee (preferably caffeine-free, skip the milk and sugar if you can) on this diet but stop at three or four per day. Limit diet fizzy drinks to an absolute max of two cans or 500 ml. per day and try to cut these out completely if you can. With water, drink one to two liters per day, every day or as doctors always advise, drink as much as you can every time you're thirsty.

Eating out. Restaurant portions are often huge and the choices are often unhealthy so it's up to you to make the choices that will keep you on the straight and narrow. Remember the portion sizes on your plan and eat just until you're satisfied. Get a starter and then share a main course, or order two starter portions if the restaurant you're in serves giant portions. You know that a side salad with dressing on the side is a healthier choice than a plate of chips, so be strong and make that choice! Go for lean protein (chicken or fish over lamb), healthy cooking methods (grilled instead of fried). Beware of creamy sauce like carbonara and replace them with dishes and tomato-based sauces. Have a snack (fruit, yoghurt etc.) before going out so you're not starving and tempted to order one of everything. Saves you a lot of cash, too!

Going for a drink. Alcohol is a double-whammy when it comes to diet. Not only does it provide a lot of calories, but it can also give you the munchies! It makes sense to cut back a bit but that doesn't have to mean total abstinence. Here's a run-through of the calorie contents in popular drinks. Spirits: 55 calories; 125 ml. Glass of wine: 80-120 calories; measure of Bailey's: 140 calories; Alcopops: 200-250 calories. Bacardi Breezer Lite: 100 calories; pint of beer: 125-250 calories. Remember, women should drink no more than two to three units per day; men no more than three to four units per day - maximum.

So pick out your party dress and throw away those big pants! It's time to get gorgeous in that little black dress! Not just for your birthday, but every Saturday night all year round!


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September 24, 2017

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    Original My Pilipinas Map Shirt by Collezione C2

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