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Grocery Shopping Tips

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Do you want to save more money when going to the grocery? The follow these grocery shopping tips:

1.   PLAN AHEAD. Before dashing off to the supermarket, take a few minutes to    scan your shelves and do a quick inventory. Prepare your shopping list and make notations of the most needed and not so needed items just in case you run short of cash. Planning ahead help you shop efficiently and cost-effectively. 

2.   GO TO THE RIGHT STORE. Make the most of your budget by going to different places for your different needs. Your favorite grocery store is the best place to do your weekly shopping. For bulk buying, visit warehouse clubs or superstores. For health products, the best prices are often found at drugstore chains. For fresh meat and vegetables, your local palengke is the best choice.  

3.   EAT FIRST. If you are hungry, you tend to buy more! Everything looks good when your stomach is empty.          Grocery stores know the power of the sweet smell of freshly baked bread and brewing coffee. Just one sniff and
      it will send us filling our carts with items we do not need.

4.   SPECIAL OFFER ANYONE? One can save literally hundreds of pesos a year by taking advantage of product pricing incentives like buy-one-take-one promos and special discounts. 

5.   TRY OUT STORE BRANDS. Do not be afraid to experiment. You may not want to part ways with your favorite brand of mayonnaise or tissue paper but sometimes, house brands are just as good as popular labels. 

6.   AVOID COMPULSIVE BUYING. More often than not when you go to a grocery store to buy a toothbrush, you come out with a cart full of other stuff. The best medicine for impulsive buying is a well thought out shopping list. And once you have a shopping list, stick to it! 

7.   COMPARISON SHOPPING. Two bottles of shampoo has the same price but one is cheaper. How could this be? One bottle contains 100ml and the other is 90ml. Comparing such information among similar products will help ensure that you get the best value for your money. Check out “expiration” and “use by” dates to ensure you are getting the freshest products available. 

8.   BEWARE OF MARKETING STRATEGY. Avoid being taken in by marketing ploys designed to draw your attention to a particular products. Scrutinize end-of-the-aisle dump bins and island displays. This is typically where products are placed in hopes that you will be drawn to them more readily. 

9.   READ THE LABEL. Reading product labels is one of the best ways to find out more that what is advertised on the box. By reading the label you can get a better idea of what the fat to calorie ratio is as well as other valuable nutritional information. 

10. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SCANNER. Ok, shopping is over. You head for the counter, lift a magazine and start reading. The counter is not the place to relax! Watching the scanner has advantages. It will keep the cashier more alert and it will allow you to stop the cashier if she punched an incorrect price. If you suspect that the price is incorrect, speak up.

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September 24, 2017

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