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Cooking Tips II

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Cooking in an oven or roasting pan by dry heat without the addition of any substantial liquid. This is an effective way to cook meats in a low-fat lifestyle as it draws out fat. To exploit this method fully make sure to use a roasting rack or other method to keep the meat out of the fat as it drips from the meat. Never eat vegetables cooked with the meat as they absorb the fat. Also never cook stuffing or dressing inside poultry as it absorbs the fat and lengthens the cooking time.

Cooking by intense heat from above or below with no enclosure or cover around the meat. One of the best methods for drawing out the fat from meat. Be sure to use a broiling pan so as to collect the fat underneath so that it does not touch the meat. To prevent lean meats from sticking lightly spray the broiler pan with a cooking spray. This is also one of the fastest methods for cooking meat so watch it, you don't want your meal over done. Another trick to juicier meat is to place the pan lower in the oven so that the broiling takes a little longer but the meat is done through before it starts to burn.

To cook in a shallow pan over high heat, very quickly, while stirring constantly. This is an effective way to cook in a low-fat lifestyle if you use non-stick pans and very little oil. The high heat sears the meat and locks in the juices and flavor. It is also a very practical way to cook as it is quick and both meat and vegetable can be made at the same time. Stir frying is essentially the same method.

To cook indirectly with boiling liquid. This can be accomplished on the stove, in the oven, or in the microwave. Steaming cooks vegetables and meat as well as grains effectively with minimal loss of nutrients, flavor and moisture. This method of cooking is the best way to reduce fat as there is no fat needed in the cooking process, any fat in the ingredients drips out into the water supply and there is no need to add fat for moisture.

To gently cook in heated liquid that does not boil or simmer. You can poach anything from an egg to a chicken. This is a good method of cooking for a low-fat diet in that there is no added fat and the fat that cooks out is discarded with the liquid. The basic rule is that the liquid is heated to the point just before a simmer. It will be hot but will not move or have bubbles. Meats cooked in this matter are very moist, tender and flavorful.

To cook over an open flame from below or on a hot griddle so as to quickly sear and cook the food. Grilling is great because the moisture is locked into the food while the fat drips away. This is a quick, easy, effective method for cooking foods year round, weather permitting.

To cook food by immersing it in heated oil. This is the worst method of cooking in a low-fat, low-cholesterol lifestyle. It really has no benefits and there are alternatives. You can "fry" in your oven with little or no oil and come up with wonderful meals including "fried" chicken, eggplant parmesan, chicken nuggets and even french fries. Don't give up your favorite foods, cook them in a smarter, healthier way.

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September 24, 2017

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    Original My Pilipinas Map Shirt by Collezione C2


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